Get your insurance from SOCMA

Worried about sudden plant inspections? Is the facility you’re buying up to regulatory requirements? Want to assure your reliability to your customers?

Joe Acker says you’re in good hands if you’re a member of SOCMA.

The president of Synthetic Organic Chemical Manufacturers Association wrote in his blog last week about performance improvement programs such as SOCMA’s ChemStewards as akin to having insurance to mitigate risks and prevent issues from arising.

“The general sense from small companies …we do not need to implement a performance improvement program. But think of T2 and Synthon. They probably thought that way also. Now they are gone – except for the lawsuits.”

I guess in times like these when proliferation of adulterated ingredients are causing uproars within the consumer and healthcare markets, it is more critical to make sure that your company’s reputation is solid. Acker pointed out as example Baxter’s problem with their heparin supply.

If SOCMA can help company reliability , then 15 minutes or more of talking to them might really save you money from lawsuits and fines!

But what do I know? I’m just a 100+ pound chemical blogger writing for a living…

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