Happy Fossil Fools Day!

Climate change activists in the US, Canada, the UK and Australia, have declared April 1 as their Fossil Fools Day and to show their holiday spirit, they simultaneously protested today in front of several sites, stores and facilities of companies they accused of responsible for runaway carbon dioxide emissions.

Activists in Nottingham blockaded the offices of power company E-on who is said to be building a coal-fired power stations in the UK. Another group in Wales tried to halt work at one of the biggest opencast coal mines in Europe.

In the US, several activists in North Carolina locked themselves to bulldozers to stop the construction of Duke Energy’s coal-fired power plant being built 50 miles west of Charlotte. Eight people got arrested after being tazered.

Hmmm, I smell a lawsuit coming…

According to the International Rising Tide group, more than 150 protests were carried out today worldwide.

The group and their networks are also giving out Fossil Fools award to these companies with some wearing their finest ‘don’t kill the polar bears’ suit like this photo below taken from Porsche’s London showroom in Berkeley square.

One thought comes to mind… don’t these people realize that they won’t be able to wear these suits without using fossil resources??

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    Hi All,

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