Hardware show struts green stuff

It seems that every trade shows on the planet, from electronics to cosmetics to auto, are now featuring green products or has a green theme.In this year’s National Hardware Show on May 6-8 in Las Vegas, new green products ranging from trash cans to purifiers to storage, will be highlighted on a separate show floor called Green Product World, according to Reed Exhibitions, which manages the event.Here’s a sneak peek on some of the green products to be launched at the show. Prepare your greens to leave your wallet if you want these green products to enter your home!

1. Miracle Toilet FaucetThe Miracle Toilet Faucet allows the homeowner to drastically lower toilet paper and water usage while enjoying improved hygiene and comfort. The product uses the existing water supply from the toilet and can be installed with a few common tools in about fifteen minutes.

2. Smart BinThe Smart Bin makes home recycling and waste management easier then ever. The stainless steel design looks attractive in any home or office and can also be used for storage purposes.

3. Pop-Up BoxesThe Smart Box is a reusable storage and gift-box system that is constructed from advanced biodegradable materials. Smart Boxes are available in dozens of different sizes, colors and set configurations and are ideal for storage and space saving.

4. The Smart SacA 100 percent biodegradable and compostable refuse bag made of cutting-edge environmentally-friendly materials. The bags are stronger and more reliable than traditional corn starch-based compostable bags. They fit most large size kitchen receptacles.

5. Nestle Pure Life Purified WaterNestle Pure Life has developed a uniquely shaped bottle that is better for the environment because it is made with up to 30 percent less plastic.

6. Effbe Floating Recycle BinsRecycling no longer has to take up needed floor space in your home. Effbes Floating Recycle Bins can easily be affixed to any wall and support up to 50 pounds. The Bins can also be used for handy home storage.

7. GreenPig Septic Tank TreatmentGreenPig is an all-natural blend of neutralizers, deodorizers and activators for cleaning and deodorizing plumbing fixtures and systems. It contains 100 percent safe, natural bacteria for keeping septic systems in a high state of activity and drain fields clear and free flowing. GreenPig products reduce the need for costly septic tank pumping.

8. Smart StoneSmart Stone is a new sustainable stepping stone made from 100 percent recycled raw materials. The lightweight stones are composed of recycled and sustainable resources that would otherwise end up in landfills and waterways.

9. Smart DyerSmart Dyer is the ultimate clothes drying rack with 10 meters of drying space. When not in use, the Smart Dryer collapses to a mere six-inch width, saving more space then a traditional dryer. Not only does Smart Dryer cut back on unhealthy air emissions, but it saves consumers money on their electric bill and extends the life of clothing.

10. Brill Razorcut Manual Reel MowerGrandpas old-fashioned push lawn mower is back. This mower features a superior blade cutting system and light-weight design easy for pushing that saves energy.

11. LogEEZThis log splitter was developed for homeowners who want an easy way to reduce the cost of buying firewood and making their own kindling. It eliminates the use of an expensive, noisy, dirty, gas-powered machine and does not require frequent maintenance. LogEEZ is also cleaner and safer to use then a traditional maul or axe.

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