Weekly News Roundup

I apologize for the lateness of this week’s news roundup as I’m preparing for next week’s World Congress on Industrial Biotechnology conference in Chicago starting Monday April 28.

Plenty of green materials to cover from there especially on biobased products and chemicals so stay tune!

A natural fit for Yulex
The US Food and Drug Administration gave a thumbs up for the marketing of Yulex’s medical gloves made from guayule, a desert crop native to the Southwest. Other guayule-based products are currently in the pipeline, the company said.

Cargill’s European waxy deal
Cargill and the newly formed Elevance Renewable Sciences formed a joint alliance to market and develop vegetable-based waxes in Europe. Sales development activities will start in the summer.

Evonik’s glowing course

Evonik AG and the Netherlands-based The Silicon Mine will build the first integrated production facility for solar silicons in the Netherlands. Production will begin in 2009.

Here comes REMA
A new group called REMA, the Renewable Energy Marketers Association, was created to promote the economic and national security benefits of domestic renewable energy. REMA is comprised of organizations involved in the creation, supply, purchase, sale, advocacy, and education about Renewable Energy and Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs).

A big pest for Scotts Miracle Gro

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) ordered Scotts Miracle Gro Company to stop selling and recall some of its products that are said to be illegal, unregistered and misbranded pesticides. Until EPA has more information about the contents of these products, consumers are advised not to use these products and to store them in a safe, cool and dry place.

A plastic reprimand
The Vinyl Institute sent a letter to NBC producers stating inaccurate and misleading information about several types of plastics being broadcast on April 9 and 10 in the Today’s Show. The particular plastic segment brought unnecessary confusion and alarm to those watching the show, the Institute said.

And in ICIS News (which requires subscription):
DuPont is touting its new nylon-free carpet and other renewable resource products as part of the company’s shift towards biosciences and agriculture. Canada’s Ontario plans to ban the sale of cosmetic lawn care pesticides that could take effect in Spring next year. US Senator Charles Schumer proposes a legislation banning the sale of children’s products and food containers containing bisphenol-A. The Vinyl Institute plans to launch a major ad campaign explaining the environmetal-friendly aspects of PVC production.

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