Coatings group blasted Extreme Home Makeover show

Speaking of lead paint issue in Rhode Island, the National Paint and Coatings Associations (NPCA) reprimanded the show Extreme Makeover: Home Edition for misleading its viewers about lead-based paint and the show’s unsafe work practices regarding lead-contaminated areas.

NPCA says the show’s methods used to tear down the home were dangerous and unhealthy to the workers involved, and were not consistent with lead-safe work practices outlined by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and EPA.

“Should a contractor or homeowner who watched your show attempt to abate a lead-contaminated area in such a manner, such activity would not only exacerbate the problem, it would create an even worse lead hazard.”

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One Response to Coatings group blasted Extreme Home Makeover show

  1. Stuart 13 November, 2009 at 10:42 am #

    I have bean a painter decorator for about 50years. I was with my father who was a painter decorator before the first world war. I was trained mainly by him but have worked with a few other larger companies. I started on my own in 1975 when I painted a ladys house with lead primer the paint was still in very good condition 12 years later the lady wanted a colour change. I called in the British Decorators Association to have a look to see if I could join them,I told them I had used a lead primer he said the paint was still very good it does not need another coat I said the lady wants a colour change. The man from the decorators association said I am sorry we can not accept you as your work is lasting too long. so I have been carrying on without being a member. I have been using the best Britain has to offer in the last few years but nothing compares with good old lead. I have never heard nor my father of any one going down ill with lead poisoning only those who wanted to skive of work. I think lead paint ought to be brought back. As there is lead still used in the army on the roads and in childrens plastic food boxes. horray for lead paint and other lead products. If you use lead based primers then they should last 10 years before a rub down under coat and two glosses should last anorther 10 years and so on for about 5-6 layers. Whereas with other primers 2-3 layers = burn off after about TEN years and in 30years rotten wood. Whereas with lead paint 50years still ok 100 years just begining to go rotten parts may need replacing. Some people will say it is the wood that is not dried properly nowadays I say the two together means rot and rubbish. 100 years with lead or 30 years of todays so called paint. There is also poisoning from too much of anything aluminium zink salt sugar eggs cabbage chips if scientists can stop good things they will. You can still smoke to make people around you ill.Or drink and make yousef ill,but you cant use lead to make things last, strong and beautiful.

    Your thoughts would be appreciated on to bring back lead paint or not.

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