Cosmetics show powdered with green

Attending even just one day and I’m bombarded by green product offerings at last week’s New York Society of Cosmetic Chemists (NYSCC) annual trade show in New Jersey.

My day started with Evonik’s Lauren Kjeldsen who talked about their new natural cosmetic actives from their partnership with Sabinsa. Evonik also noted that 54 of its natural cosmetic ingredients are already certified by Ecocert.

Ecocert seemed to be the word of the day as National Starch Personal Care, Dow Chemical’s Amerchol, and International Specialty Products (ISP) all pointed it out on their new product press release. I also saw a big “Ecocert certified” sign in one of the booths at the show but I was too busy munching free chocolate chip cookies and eating ice cream between breaks to stop by and talk to the company. If you know who you are, feel free to send me your press release.

National Starch’s Maria Tolchinsky, by the way, emphasized that their new biopolymers are certified organic, which are not that common of an offering coming from specialty chemical companies. In case the word Ecocert was missing from Amerchol’s Zinclear IM press release, the specific product certified was ZinClear IM 50CCT, according to Denise Elias-Costrini.

ISP’s Sangeetha Subramanian said their alternative organic acid-based preservative system, Optiphen BSB-N ingredients are compliant with ECOCERT and also fulfill the German BDIH recommendations for natural cosmetic products. Optiphen BSP ingredients also fulfill Conseil de l’Europe recommendations for natural cosmetic products, she said.

I was not able to talk to Cognis, Dow Corning, Beraca, and Botaneco that day but they did send me their green product press release even before the show. The most notable, in my opinion, is Dow Corning’s new product soy wax as alternative to petrolatum.

Other green-tinge product news I’ve gathered during the show was Amerchol’s surfactant-free SatinFX delivery system emulsion (less chemicals use, the more green it is — according to Elias-Costrini), and HallStar’s solvent-free Solasil-PSF photostabilizer (again less chemicals use…).

I also was not able to attend Kline & Company’s green cosmetic market presentation the next day of the show but they did kindly sent me a copy. According to Kline’s Gillian Morris, the global natural personal care product sales represent only 2% of the $180bn total personal care sales at a manufacturers’ level. Growth, however, is estimated at 15% compared to the overall global market growth of 5%.

And that’s the last (but not the least) of my interview/swagging-filled cosmetic day in Edison, New Jersey. Stay tune for the HBA show here in New York City in September!

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