Europe launches green driving

A Europe-wide campaign promoting green driving tips was recently launched by the European Commission in association with the European Petroleum Industry Association (EUROPIA).

Under the “Save more than fuel” campaign, over 45,000 petrol stations across 29 European countries will distribute around 30 million leaflets containing 10 driving tips (seems more paper waste to me).

The initiative is said to be in line with the EU’s commitment to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and focus on energy efficiency.

You think that will appease angry European drivers over the soaring fuel costs? According to this article from Time magazine, fishermen, truck drivers, and farmers across Europe are threatening to bring entire economic sectors to a halt with protests because of crippling fuel costs currently averaging around $8.70 for a gallon of gas.

Other businesses are said to be planning to join the protest movement. The same will probably happen in the US once gas price reach around $5/gallon.

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