Heinz’ green potatoes and tomatoes

Heinz is planning to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 20% by 2015 some of them via its potatoes and tomatoes operations.

Some of the initiatives include converting potato peels into biofuels as well as recycling 90% of the water used in daily potato production; expanding domestic source of its tomato worldwide to lessen shipping; reduce water and fertilizer consumption to grow tomatoes using hybrid seeds; reduce waste through recycling; reduce packaging materials as well as use alternative packaging; improve distribution efficiency; and others…

Heinz said it is also working to combat malnourishment worldwide through its Micronutrient Campaign.

Another sustainable food news is from Dean Foods who announced last week that it is developing an anaerobic digester on a dairy farm in Idaho. The digester will capture the methane gas from the waste of 4, 700 cows and turn it into electricity. The operation will start in early 2009.

Very appetizing news to food investors…

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