Mother’s day green extravaganza

I’m actually giving my Mom just a bunch of tulips and a pink cute address book (she likes to call a lot of people) with a pink pen attached. However, for those who really like to splurge for their environmentally-conscious moms, here are some suggestions:

1. Eco-Lux Mattress - Your mom might stop complaining about her aging aches and pains with this new organic mattress courtesy of Vivetique. The $3,700 queen size bed is made up of organic cotton, wool and natural latex for support.

2. Gift of green - If you really want to wow! your mom this Mother’s Day, why not give her a blank check using online deposit (less paper to use!) or green credit cards that give out carbon offset rewards points. She’ll be proud to have such a generous son/daughter!

3. Green house cleaningGive your mother a respite from cleaning even your own place by offering her a month’s worth of green house cleaning service by Maid Green. Unfortunately, you have to live in San Francisco to get their services.

4. Green hotelsTreat your mom to a nice relaxing stay at a Sofitel Hotel, which purchases wind power for some of its facilities, or book several nights at the Kalahari resorts, which has several green initiatives such as water recycling systems and solar hot water systems.

5. Other green stuff -
For those who are still waiting to get their rebate checks (including me), other gifts worthwhile mentioning include eco-friendly fragrances by rue21; more chic eco-friendly underwear by; and cosmetics with biodegradable packaging made by Cereplast.

Happy Mother’s Day!!

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