Weekly News Roundup

I’d better post the weekly news roundup early before this blog banishes into thin air…for a few hours anyway.

Coming soon: CO2 Transformers
Carbon Sciences’ carbon dioxide transformation technology found its first application in the production of precipitated calcium carbonate. Demand for PCC, according to the company, is projected to grow to 10 million tons by 2010, due to increased global paper consumption and construction in Asian countries.

Greasing turbines with glycerin
XcelPlus Global Holdings acquired from Maverick Biofuels a new technology that converts biodiesel-based glycerin into a turbine engine fuel branded as Gly-Clene. The fuel can be made from any crude glycerol, regardless of the feedstock, including yellow grease.

Another glyce-ning idea
France-based industrial biotech company METabolic EXplorer produced its first sample of crude glycerin-based 1.3 propanediol (PDO) with a 99.5% purity. via fermentation. The potential worldwide market for PDO is estimated at $3.5 billion.

Bioplastics in trash
Not to confuse with another industrial biotech company, US-based Metabolix will start supplying its bio-based resin Mirel to Heritage Plastics for the production of its BioTurf compostable film. The market for compostable bags and trash bin liners is said to be growing at over 15%/year.

Golden solar wafer deal
Chinese solar wafer producer ReneSola signed a 6-year 525 megawatt supply with Gintech Energy Corp. starting mid-2008. Gintech manufactures solar cells and is publicly traded on the Taiwan Stock Exchange.

Green seal for Save Your World
Natural cosmetic manufacturer Save Your World bags Whole Foods’ Premium Body Care standard seal of approval for its natural body lotion, which will soon be sold nationwide. A portion of the proceeds from every product Save Your World sells goes toward saving a South American rainforest.

In ICIS News (which requires subscription):
The Canadian government is planning to add a toxic label to vinyl acetate monomer which is used to make polyvinyl acetate in chewing gum. Dow Chemical said the tightening regulations in the coatings industry should be viewed as opportunities instead of a problem. Hexion Specialty Chemicals does not expect the recent bisphenol-A issues in polycarbonates to affect their profits. And National Starch enters the organic personal care market with its new biopolymers line.

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