Don’t sniff your shower curtain

Is it just me or is chemical paranoia among consumers seems to be much worse these days?

Take for example these news regarding vinyl shower curtains and compact florescent lamps or CFL (which I thought are already considered green and more safe).

A recent report from the US-based Center for Health, Environment & Justice (CHEJ)
and in Canada by Environmental Defence and the Canadian Environmental Law
Association (CELA) said that as many as 100 toxic chemicals are released into the air from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) shower curtains.

The Vinyl Institute, of course, immediately stated that the study is simply another scare-mongering tactic from environmental groups.

Underwriters Laboratories, meanwhile, is assuring the public of the safety of CFLs when news about their mercury content, low US recycling rate, and end-of-life issues for CFLs spread last month.

“No mercury is released when the lamps are intact or in use, and if the lamp is disposed of properly, mercury in CFLs shouldn’t be a safety hazard. In fact, consumers are more likely to suffer an injury installing the CFL, rather than from the CFL itself.”

I wonder what’s next??

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