Green burnout for the blog

For those who can’t get enough of solar information (I have), here’s another solar study from research firm Clean Edge and green-economy organization Co-op America.

The study finds, among others, that solar photovoltaic prices are projected to decline from an average 15-32 cents kWh today to 8-18 cents kWh in 2015, and to 4-8 cents kWh by 2025.

Also, here are several recent solar investment news that are already clogging my drafts.

  • Helio Micro Utility launched its Green Energy Plan where consumers in California can pay only for solar electric power – not panels – at pricing below the company’s electric rates.
  • IBM and Tokyo Ohka Kogyo will jointly develop lower-cost processes, materials, and equipment for the production of copper indium gallium selenide (CIGS) solar cell modules.
  • Intel forms SpectraWatt Inc., which will manufacture and supply photovoltaic cells to solar module makers.
  • SkyPoint Solar was formed and launched by several industry executives. The company will focus on thin film solar panel manufacture.
  • Evolution Solar plans to acquire a Hongkong-based solar company specializing in R&D and procurement.
  • MIT students developed a prototype solar dish that could be the most cost-efficient solar power system in the world.
  • Florida Power & Light Company plans to build the world’s largest photovoltaic solar plant and the first solar thermal hybrid energy center.
  • zouk Solar Opportunities Ltd. was launched last week which will develop and own a portfolio of solar power projects in Europe, the Middle East and Asia.
  • SVTC Technologies partners with Roth & Rau for development and manufacturing of silicon wafer solar cell.
  • REC secured a $300m supply contract of mono-crystalline silicon wafers with Suniva.

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