Green-struck Hollywood

The land of glitter and glamor added green to their fashionable G-list.

To coincide with the recently released “the Incredible Hulk”, Universal Studio hooked up with conservation group the World Land Trust in developing the Incredible Hulk Carbon Calculator’. Both said Hulk’s greenness might drive fans to analyze their own by balancing their carbon emissions.

World Land Trust said:

“There is no need to rip your shirt off before turning green, simply visit the calculator and offset your CO2. If only someone would tell the Hulk it’s that easy!”

Another movie released last month at the Sundance Channel might not be for everybody’s taste despite its supposed greenness. Actress-turned director Isabella Rossellini debuted a series of short films called Green Porno’, depicting the sex life of bugs, insects and various creatures.

Rossellini said it is her green intervention to make people aware of animal life. (By the way, the green blog is not endorsing any of these movies although for possible advertising interests pls. contact ICIS marketing department…)

Meanwhile, Green Earth Technologies (GET) savored its minutes of fame as their biodegradable motor oil became a key subject in one episode of a prime time detective show CSI New York. GET said green technology came to the rescue when CSI’s version of G-OIL attracts ants, which leads detectives to analyze a sample of the oil, trace it to a taxi garage, and identify the episode’s killer.

“We do want to reiterate that G-OIL doesn’t attract ants or any other wildlife, but it was certainly a creative twist for the episode,” the company said.

And while I was on vacation, Discovery Communications (owner of Discovery Channel, TLC, Animal Planet, etc…) launched the first ever 24-hour eco-lifestyle television network Planet Green on June 4. Planet Green, in partnership with Access Hollywood, also debuted that day Hollywood Green With Maria Menounos, a weekly one-hour entertainment magazine series that follows up-to-the-minute Hollywood news on the hottest stars making green headlines in movies, television, music and fashion.

Maybe I’ll start another part time job being a green paparazzo.

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  1. Joe 17 June, 2008 at 7:11 pm #

    And I always wondered what Isabella Rossellini was up to! Thankfully no more movies with Ted Danson.

  2. hermione granger 3 March, 2010 at 12:36 pm #

    That was a really good read about Green-struck Hollywood – Green Chemicals

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