New cleaning chemicals launched

Companies such as BASF and Genencor grabbed the opportunity to introduce their new eco-friendly/sustainable/natural-based cleaning chemicals at the CESIO World Surfactants Congress that I’m attending this week in Paris.

BASF says its new cost-effective detergent surfactant Lutensol M is not subjected to environmental classification because of its eco-friendly properties. The ethoxylate can also be marketed as energy-reducing surfactant because of its high detergent efficiency at low wash temperatures.

Genencor, meanwhile, said its new protease enzyme Excellase for auto dishwashing detergent, can perform in wide-range dishwashing temperature, as well as in non-phosphate detergents.

Phosphates in detergents are currently under scrutiny because of their purported environmental impact on waterways.

“If phosphates are banned, detergent producers will not have any choice but to switch to expensive alternatives. Excellase makes a pivotal element in phasing out phosphates without compromising performance,” said Genencor.

Other noted green surfactants launched this year included Dow Chemical’s biodegradable EcoSurf SA alcohols based from natural vegetable oils and Air Products’ natural-based Tomadol surfactants for industrial and institutional cleaning products.

In other news this month, Church & Dwight is building a new eco-friendly laundry detergent manufacturing plant in Pennsylvania. The company said will use renewable energy sources for on-site processing needs; will have a 30% reduce energy consumption and 50% reduction in solid waste and industrial effluent from manufacturing operations.

This week, I also received a press release from International Specialty Products (ISP) that its Surfadone LP-100 and LP-300 specialty surfactants was listed on CleanGredients for their environment-friendly characteristics.

Check out my recent article on green certification for surfactants including brief information about CleanGredients database.

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