New soy chemicals

My good friends at the United Soybean Board sent me their recent newsletter about newly developed/commercialized soy chemicals and products:

Protein Strengthens Soy-Based Adhesives
Columbia Forest Products introduced its new adhesives, Purebond, a formaldehyde-free paste/glue for interior plywood panels made with soy flour. The National Cancer Institute designates urea formaldehyde as “carcinogenic to humans” making products like soy-based adhesives more attractive for use in construction and other applications.
Soy Turns Bad Land Good
EOS Remediation uses soy emulsions in groundwater bioremediation products. The addition of the emulsified soy oil provides food for the microorganisms and stimulates biodegradation activity. This soy-based product has successfully turned land once deemed unusable into productive and safe real estate.
Soy Keeps Dust Grounded
Dustkill Inc. has created a line of soy-based dust suppressants for use on paved roads, country roadways and indoor arenas. These suppressants are either applied directly to surfaces or are mixed with water and other chemicals to keep dust at bay by making dust particles too heavy to go airborne.

Soy Bumpers Hit the RoadPolycon Industries, a division of Magna International, recently introduced car bumpers made with a 50 percent soy polyol blend. Polycon developed the bumpers through a partnership with Dow Automotive, using a Reaction Injection Molded (RIM) fascia. The soy bumpers pass all automotive physical and paint adhesion test requirements.

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