News catch-up

I’m back just in time to face the heat wave in New York. Tornadoes, flood, heat wave, earthquake — some people are wondering if climate change is in play. Here are some noteworthy news that I came across while on semi-vacation:

1. The climate change bill in the senate got axed last week, according to ICIS news (subscription needed for this one — sorry!).

While gasoline and diesel prices reached record highs, thefts for waste grease (used as biofuel feedstock) are increasing across the US. Here’s a


about it from my ICIS colleague Ivan Lerner.

California’s Department of Toxic Substances Control completed its Green Chemistry Initiative phase 2 report.

The European Union concluded in its recent report “Evaluating Business Safety Measures in the Toy Supply Chain” that product safety cannot be guaranteed by final product testing alone.

5. Surging chemical price hikes are now trickling down in the retail/consumer packaging sector, according to this Reuters report. Will the price hikes drive demand for more bioplastics or will retailers just cut down their packaging materials?

And lastly, June 5th was World Environment Day and the theme this year, according to the United Nations (which established the event 30 years ago), is to curb carbon addiction. I’m thinking of joining Carbon Anonymous and buy their new book Ten Steps Towards Green Living.

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