Politics and green in Denver

Here’s a very interesting article from the Wall Street Journal on how the organizers of the Democratic convention to be held in Denver are trying their best to be the greenest show on earth come November.

Some examples include organic and US union-made fanny packs; compostable utensils (not imported from Asia); biodegradable balloons; recyclable wastes; locally-grown [and organic] food and beverages; cutting back paper flyers; using bicycles or public transportation (even better if they walk) for employees working on the convention preparation; and using renewable energy for the convention itself.

The convention organizer’s Director of Greening is still trying to find biodegradable balloons, according to the article.

For the democrats to be really green, one suggestion from a Washington-based think-tank institute is to stage a virtual convention instead using their own avatars.

Just imagine what the Clintons’ avatars would look like…

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