Solar is killing me!

Here’s several recent solar news to share before my brain shuts down from the 100 degree [F] temperature here in New York:

Akrion and CEA-Liten will collaborate on advanced solar cell development

Amtech announces $8.5 Million in New Solar Orders

Clear Skies Solar to develop $44 Million Solar Farm in Cantil, California

Dupont expands production of Solamet Photovoltaic Metallization Paste System for Fast Growing Solar Energy Market

Enphase Energy introduces Solar Industry’s First Micro-Inverter System

Eyelit Inc. partners with SYSTEMA to Support Growth and Demand From Photovoltaic (PV) Solar Panel Industry

HP licenses technology to Xtreme Energetics for creation of super-efficient solar energy system

Photovoltaic Solar Cells develops Graphite/Graphene Solar Cell

Solar Thin Films to Acquire majority Interest in BudaSolar Technologies

Southern California Edison contracts with eSolar for Solar Power Tower

SunRun partners with Advanced Solar Electric to Bring Low-Cost Solar Electricity to Southern California Homeowners

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