Views on green cleaning

ICIS Chemical Business (disclosure: I work for ICIS) published its second soap and detergent issue for the year and like the first one, the global cleaning industry continue its major focus on sustainability, regulation and innovation.

As far as the green cleaning trend goes, eco-labeling seems to be a very hot topic within North America and Europe. Pls. check out my article for more information and views on green labelings, certification and guidelines (mostly in the US).

I’ll re-visit the eco-labeling topic next week after I wrap up this week’s conference on global surfactants being held in Paris. Surfactants, loosely translated, are surface active agents/chemicals that are used largely in cleaning applications e.g. detergents. This industry is a pioneer when it comes to tackling sustainability and other green issues.

In fact, the European surfactant group CESIO is dedicating most of its 3-day ongoing conference (which ends on Wednesday) towards sustainability issues. Check out my blog next week for some post-briefings.

And going back to the green cleaning issue, here are other interesting green features that you can read with no subscription required:

1. The antibacterial debate by Anna Jagger. Some studies are suggesting environmental and health risks associated with the cumulative effects of antibacterial agents.

2. A clean bill of health by Andy Brice. The use of phosphates in detergents continues to come under scrutiny because of their ecological impact.

3. Green cleaning, a contributed article by consulting firm Kline & Company. Market analyst Bruce Boynick reported several economic views and trends towards a more eco-friendly and sustainable green cleaning industry.

4. Wash conditions by Cynthia Challener. More sustainable views on the laundry market.


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