Weekly News Roundup

Posts next week might sputter a bit as the blog prepares for another conference involving sustainability and environmental issues in the global surfactants/detergents industry.

For now, here are this week’s green news roundup.

Biomass plastic in cars
Mazda Motor launched its Bioplastic Project with Hiroshima University aiming to develop plastics made from non-food cellulosic biomass. The bioplastics are expected to be ready for vehicle use by 2013.

USDA-preferred plastic
Bioplastic producer Cereplast said its Compostable Resins products meet the US Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) BioPreferred product guidelines. BioPreferred products are given first preference for purchase by various US federal agencies.

UK food companies unite
Thirty-seven UK food and consumer goods companies have announced a major transport collaboration that will significantly reduce the environmental impact of transporting food and groceries in the UK. Food and grocery think tank IGD pioneered the initiative.

New clean tech alliance
Rentech and UOP formed a venture for the commercial production and marketing of ultra-clean synthetic fuels, specialty waxes and chemicals. Rentech’s proprietary process converts synthesis gas from biomass.

Honeywell’s green tool
Honeywell developed its Renewable Energy Scorecard program that provides customers informed buying decisions when choosing renewable technology. The scorecard analyzes the variables for any given location to pinpoint the technology with the most significant environmental and economic drivers.

And in ICIS News (which requires subscription):
The US Environmental Protection Agency released an updated plan to reduce the size of the dead zone in the northern Gulf of Mexico, which is caused in part by fertilizer run-off in the Mississippi river. Specialty chemicals and pharmaceutical firms are taking part in three industrial biotechnology research projects funded by the Swedish agency for innovation systems Vinnova. Energy-intensive industries warned Congress this week against climate change legislation that they fear could lay waste to US business and commerce.

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