Weekly News Roundup

Better late than never I always say. Here’s this week’s roundup after frantically scouring the net all day today for green news.

Fuel cell for US Army
DuPont and SFC Smart Fuel Cell AG launched the M-25 portable fuel cell for a limited use for the US Army. The light-weight fuel cell uses Dupont’s methanol technology with SFC’s fuel cell systems.

Solutia forms PV biz
Solutia established its Saflex photovoltaic business which will produce polyvinyl butyral (PVB) interlayer for thin-film solar panels. The business is planning to expand capacity in sites such as in Belgium, China, Mexico and the United States.

Fill ‘em up with Hydrogen
Shell opened California’s first hydrogen refueling station on a conventional gasoline station in Los Angeles. Hydrogen production will be done on-site by the electrolysis of water using green electricity and then be compressed and stored to provide daily fueling.

Clean coal with green dough
The US Department of Energy is investing $1.3bn in clean coal power plants with carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology. $290 million will be available for selected projects through 2009 and an additional $1.01 billion will be available in subsequent years.

Fuel ecolabel now available
Biofuel companies can now apply for an ecolabel called “The Swan” in the Nordic countries. Some of the requirements for the ecolabelled fuel include reduced emissions; total energy use restrictions at the production stage; traceability and sustainability of raw materials; defined limitations of the fuel’s health effects.

And in ICIS News (which requires subscription):
Malaysia’s Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) projects will be focusing on renewable energy and energy efficiency programs. US manufacturers of end-use baby care products are abandoning the use of bisphenol-A as a lawsuit against five baby products firms was filed in Ohio. And candle manufacturers explore their green options amidst rising paraffin wax cost.

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