Who’s the most sustainable of them all?

This new report from the Roberts Environmental Center of Claremont McKenna College might answer the question of what companies are the most sustainable in California.

Titled “Analysis of Sustainability Reporting of Fortune Companies in California,” the report contains a compilation of Pacific Sustainability Index scores evaluating the environmental and social reporting of all California companies on the 2006 Fortune 1000 list

Chevron, Cisco and Advanced Micro Devices got the highest overall scores, and the lowest was awarded to Google, VeriSign, Intuit, Pacer International and Ross Stores.

In January, the group also reported the top sustainable companies in the chemical sector for 2007. Bayer , Akzo Nobel and BASF scored the highest, while Monsanto, Avery Dennison and Sherwin-Williams got the lowest overall scores based on their reporting, intent and performance of environmental and social sustainability efforts.

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