China and biomass

Speaking of China again, it seems that biomass could answer (partially at least) two of the country’s biggest problems: pollution and energy source.

According to this study from AMBIO (a nonprofit publication of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences), China could reduce pollution as much as 46-60% using biomass-based energy. Currently, only 14% of China’s energy is from commercialized biomass.

The authors of the study point out that public education on the use of renewable energy resources should be improved.

The good news is that investments in biomass energy in China seems to be getting in good shape. According to GE Energy last June, 50 new biomass-fueled power plants are currently being built in the country and they are supplying the control systems.

GE says the 50 plants will each feature two, 12 megawatt power blocks that will generate a total of 7.2 billion kilowatt-hour/year, which is enough to support an average of 70,000 families in China. The first biomass power block is scheduled to start at the end of August 2008. All 50 plants will be operational by December 2010.

US-headquartered China Holdings Inc. announced in May that it expects to begin operation of its 5 biomass-based energy plants (with a total capacity of 250 megawatt) by 2010.

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