EPA gets pesticide lawsuit

I wonder how many lawsuits the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) gets each week?

I just got this press release from the group Earthjustice, and they, among a coalition of farmworkers, public health, and environmental groups, filed a lawsuit today against the EPA to stop the use of organochlorine pesticide endosulfan.

The coalition said that like other organochlorine pesticides such as DDT, endosulfan is persistent in the environment and poisons humans and wildlife both in agricultural areas and in regions far from where it was applied.

The group said that around 1.38 million pounds of endosulfan were used annually in the United States as of 2002 as reported by the EPA. Crops commonly treated with endosulfan include cotton, tomatoes, melons, squash, and tobacco.

The lawsuit was brought by Earthjustice and Farmworker Justice on behalf of: Alaska Community Action on Toxics, Beyond Pesticides, Center for Environmental Health, Farm Labor Organizing Committee (AFL-CIO), Natural Resources Defense Council, Pesticide Action Network North America, Pineros y Campesinos Unidos del Noroeste (Northwest Treeplanters and Farmworkers United), United Farm Workers, and Teamsters Local 890.

The Earthjustice motto: “Because the earth needs a good lawyer”

There goes our tax dollars!

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