Hybrids do not make financial sense?

Sales might be up for hybrids but according to this study only a handful of hybrid cars make solid financial sense.

The vehicle pricing and information site NADAguides.com said consumers who are thinking of purchasing a hybrid car solely to save money on gas should calculate the number of miles they drive per year and their typical per gallon gas price in order to to recoup the extra cost of buying a hybrid car over its gasoline-only counterpart.

“For example, if a Houston-area commuter travels 12 miles one way to work, driving 10,000 total miles annually, while a Los Angeles-area commuter travels 25 miles one way, driving 15,000 total miles annually, the Los Angeles commuter recoups his investment almost 80 percent faster.”

NADAguides. com compiled the top five hybrid cars with the greatest return on investment and the number of miles to break even in 10 major metropolitan areas at current gas prices.

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