Sizzling green chemicals

Here is the list of the chosen ones, the green blog’s new green chemicals for the month of June. The question is… are they worthy of the word green (in your own definition of green)?

1. Ecolab’s alternative pesticides - Ecolab’s more sophisticated rat traps, CheckPoint Multiple-Catch Inserts and CheckPoint Snap Trap Inserts, are said to reduce dependence on rodenticides.

2. Celanese eco-emulsions - Celanese’s new vinyl acetate/ethylene emulsion technology, EcoVAE, was created to meet lower VOC limits regulations and demand for more environmentally sound, low odor products. EcoVAE is free of alkylphenol ethoxylates.

3. National Adhesives’ fiber drum - The company’s 100% recyclable fiber drum packaging, FIBRECYCLE K.E.G.(Keep Earth Green), is touted as alternative to conventional steel adhesives storage drums.

4. D.I.Y. spray urethane foam - Spraymax Industrial Coatings launched its SoyThane, bio spray-in-place urethane foam partly made from regrowable or renewable alternative energy sources.

5. Carbon black alternative - Carbolytic Materials developed ApexCM, a lower cost alternative to carbon black extracted from scrap tires.

6. Energy efficient coatings - Valspar’s Fluorospar SR coatings is said to be the first enhanced solar reflective paint for the aluminum extrusion and wall panel market.

7. Albemarle waste reduction - Albemarle’s new BEM (n-Butylethylmagnesium) production method eliminates more than 80% waste at the company’s organometallics plant in Texas.

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  1. Tom Hay 9 February, 2009 at 8:52 am #

    I have asked the same question. I consider SoyThane as GREEN as it gets.

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