Soapers respond to UW study

The Soap and Detergent Association sent me an email regarding their response to the University of Washington study about supposed toxic fragrance chemicals found on leading laundry products and air fresheners.

According to them, the study is just a rehash of past studies and that it lacks real-world risk perspective.

“Turning fabric care labels into encyclopedias will only obscure the most meaningful information for consumers – the safety and usage information,” said Ernie Rosenberg, SDA President and CEO.

Do you think consumers will care enough to look for chemical labels in their detergents and air fresheners? My sister for one is allergic to laundry product fragrances so she uses fragrance-free (which is properly labeled), while I am ok with fragrances but allergic to certain detergents (I won’t tell what) so I use a milder version. Both of us don’t peruse their chemicals and google their toxicity.

The SDA said, however, that any ingredient contributing to a hazard of a product in the workplace or the likelihood that a consumer product would cause harm, the ingredient must be and are being identified.
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