Top of the Scrap

Growing up, I used to collect metal scraps (mostly copper and aluminum) from the neighborhood motor shops with my street pals and then sell them to the highest recycler bidder via door to door (since Ebay is not yet around).

Pity I didn’t have the entrepreneurial foresight to make it as a business or I might have been included in Alcoa’s top scrap suppliers for this year, which included the following:

American Iron and Metal [Montreal, Quebec,Canada], David J Joseph Co. [Cincinnati, Ohio], Metal Conversion Ltd. [Mansfield, Ohio], Newco Metals Inc. [Pendleton, Indiana], Omnisource Corp. [Fort Wayne, Indiana], Service Aluminum Corp. [Ellicott City, Maryland], Shapiro Sales [St. Louis, Missouri], Smelter Service Corp. [Mount Pleasant, Tennessee], State Metal Industries [Camden, New Jersey], Weiner Iron and Metal [Pottsville,Pennsylvania].

Alcoa said it has been able to increase its scrap purchases by more than 10% annually for the last three years.

Speaking of awards, I just want to congratulate our friends from Rohm and Haas who won the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) National Environmental Performance Track Award for its Kankakee facility, and the American Chemistry Council’s (ACC) 2007 Responsible Care Energy Efficiency Awards for the company’s Houston and Philadelphia plants.

Congratulations as well to the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) when it bags the American Chemical Society’s (ACS) Regional Industrial Innovation Award for its environment-friendly deicer technology.

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