Weekly News Roundup

The chemical world is going crazy with two multi-billion dollars M&A deals this week: Dow acquiring Rohm and Haas (yesterday), and Ashland acquiring Hercules (this morning). I’m sure we can find some green angle in there somewhere especially with Rohm and Haas recently putting out lots of news on their environment-friendly paints and coatings.

For now, here’s this week’s green news roundup:

Cargill’s big soy polyols plant
Cargill has broken ground on its soybean-based BiOH polyols plant in Chicago, said to be the first world-scale biopolyols production facility. Cargill said that for every 1 million pounds of BiOH polyols that replace petroleum polyols, 2,200 barrels of crude oil are saved.

Gas needed for solar
Linde Group will supply silane gas for Schmid Silicon’s new electronic grade silane plant under construction in Dresden, Germany. The plant will produce high purity silane for thin film photovoltaic manufacturers.

Carbon credits for biomass
Green Energy Resources is offering free carbon credits to European, US or UK energy companies in exchange for long-term supply contracts for its wood biomass, which qualifies under methane avoidance criteria established by the United Nations CDM (clean development mechanism).

SunFab in Italy
Applied Materials will produce its first SunFab thin film photovoltaic modules in Italy through a contract with renewable energy producer Moncada Energy Group. The facility will have annual capacity of 40 megawatts.

Battery recycling in Algeria
Paris-based Recyclex is building a lead acid battery processing and recycling plant in Algeria, which has a big market potential in battery recycling with 32 million inhabitants, a car fleet enjoying 6% annual growth and a recycling branch which is still little structured.

And in ICIS News (which requires subscription):
A court ruling in Ohio dismissed a lead paint lawsuit against Sherwin-Williams and Millenium Holdings. Bioplastics are seeing strong US demand growth as PET feedstock costs escalate. Bioscience company Virent is stepping up development of biogasoline made from sugar.


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