Weekly News Roundup

A busy end to the week with Al Gore giving its “reach for the moon” climate change speech yesterday; California adopting the nation’s first statewide green building code; President Bush lifting a decade-old offshore drilling ban; and Australia releasing its long-awaited cap-and-trade carbon schemes.

The blog will talk more about them later (except for the offshore drilling news which was already posted on July 14).

EPA plans carbon capture rules
The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is proposing a rule that supports technologies to prevent industrial emissions of carbon dioxide such as carbon capture and storage. EPA is requesting public comments on the proposed rule for 120 days.

Italy’s first recycling plant
Boeing and Alenia Aeronautica will establish Italy’s first composite industrial recycling facility in Puglia, which will start in mid- to late-2009. The plant will process an average of 1,000 tonnes/year of composite scrap.

Dow in biomass chemicals venture
Dow Chemical and the US Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) will jointly develop a process that will convert biomass to ethanol and other chemical building blocks. The program will use Dow’s mixed alcohol catalyst.

Philadelphia’s greening businesses
The University City Science Center in Philadelphia will house its first green technology start-up firm, R&D Green Materials, in its Science Center Incubator. R&D Green Materials will produce and market a variety of bio-based plastic materials from plant protein.

Cellulosic nonwovens coming soon
Weyerhauser and Lenzing are developing wood fiber-based nonwoven fabrics using Lenzing’s lyocell technology. The technology enables a solution of cellulose to be processed directly and without intermediate process steps into a nonwoven fabric.

And in ICIS News (which requires subscription):
The Bush administration defied a Supreme Court order by declining to issue rules governing greenhouse-gas emissions.

The US Coast Guard is investigating why alarms failed to go off last week when a ship leaked vinyl chloride monomer near an Occidental Chemical plant in Corpus Christi, Texas.

US producer Mallinckrodt Baker plans to double the manufacturing capacity of its photovoltaics surface cleaner BakerClean PV-160.

The European Commission approved a German aid for Wacker’s solar wafers joint venture plant in the central state of Thuringia.
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