What’s cheap, green and sweeter than Apple?

It’s the new 2-watt CherryPal desktop computer, which reportedly delivers 97% less power consumption (equivalent to your clock radio’s power use), has 80% fewer components (less metals and chemicals use compared to standard PCs), and has a decade or more lifespan.

According to the company CEO, the $249 paperback-sized desktop (excluding keyboard and monitor) has no operating system and all of its application and function are managed solely by a Firefox-based browser. It has no moving parts (so forget the CDs, DVDs and other disks) but has USB connectors and ethernet, monitor and headphone jacks.

If you want storage for your documents, photos and music, you’ve got 50G free via their “highly-secured” CherryPalCloud site. All in all, most of the applications and programs is accessed via web (think of Google documents, photos, emails, etc. where all data are stored online).

This could be very good alternative for desktop users especially if they’re concern about their electricity consumption. Unfortunately I am not one of them as I tend to I lug my laptop everywhere, from kitchen to bedroom to living room to closet. I also like my documents and files right where they belong, in my hard drive where bugs and viruses and hackers can access them as soon as I lower my internet firewall defense.

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