Where’s your old celphone?

According to a survey by Nokia, only 3% of the people they interviewed in 13 countries recycled their old mobile phones, 4% threw them in the landfill, and a majority left them on drawers or other places at home to gather dust.

Others sell their used devices or passed them to families and friends.

The survey revealed that one of the main reasons why so few people recycle their mobile phones is because they simply don’t know that it is possible to do so.

Nokia said 65%-80% of their device can be recycled. Plastics that can’t be recycled are burnt to provide energy for the recycling process (–isn’t that toxic?), and other materials are ground up into chips and used as construction materials or for building roads.

“If each of the three billion people globally owning mobiles brought back just one unused device we could save 240,000 tonnes of raw materials and reduce greenhouse gases to the same effect as taking 4 million cars off the road.”


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