Brits claim greener sense

An online green study from global market research firm TNS reported that 51% of the UK population rated their own natural environment as ‘excellent’ to ‘good’ while 71% rated the rest of the world’s environment as ‘poor’ or at best ‘fair’.

The report said 51% of the Brits surveyed claimed to have recently started changing their behavior to become ‘greener’, which is a higher proportion compared to the average 40% surveyed worldwide. Their favorite green methods are turning off computers after use, recycling, unplugging unused appliances, buying reusable products, weather-proofing and home insulation, adjusting thermostats, mailing lists removal, and annual vehicle tune-up.

The UK folks seem to be more hesitant when it comes to bigger green investments such as buying eco-friendly products or used clothing and furniture, green gift giving, and donating to green organizations. Other unpopular green behaviors in the UK include making their own cleaning supplies (who would???), washing clothes in cold water, organic gardening and making compost (only the die-hard green fans will probably do this one).

“The danger is that we overestimate how good the state of the UK’s own environment is, and become complacent in our efforts to become ‘greener’. With our negative view of the environment globally, we should recognize our responsibility to do whatever we can and be open to a wider range of ‘green’ behaviors, in order to reduce our impact on the environment as much as possible.” – Andrew Czarnowski, Managing Director of TNS’ UK and Ireland Custom business.

So my question to all of our British friends out there: Do you agree to this study, and what are your favorite green actions?

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