Garbage war in Pennsylvania

Disposing trash must be really getting costlier if a hauler has to sue its municipal garbage authority for landfill discrimination.

Lebanon Farms Disposal, a hauler from Schaefferstown, Pennsylvania, was fined in 2003 for violating Lebanon County’s disposal regulation by transporting their refuse to a cheaper landfill in Schuykill County. The hauler filed a complaint against the Greater Lebanon Refuse Authority (GLRA) stating that the county’s solid waste plan is unconstitutional.

Unfortunately for the hauler, their complaint was trashed as the Federal Appeals court ruled that Pennsylvania counties can enforce private municipal trash haulers to use their landfill despite cheaper disposal alternatives outside of the county.

I wonder if the county will still retain the hauler’s service?

For added info, GLRA said its landfill facility accepts an average of 250 tons of regulated municipal solid waste from Lebanon County each day at $53.64 per ton.

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