Is there such a thing as clean coal?

While the US Congress is debating on offshore drilling, another debate that has been going on for years is government funding on another supposedly clean energy source, liquid coal.

Environmentalists are definitely dead-set against using any types of coal even if they’re supposedly clean. Here’s one example of their view of “clean coal” from the National Resources Defense Council. [Kudos to for posting this].

Still, some major green groups such as Sierra Club and Environmental Defense Fund are not that totally opposed to the idea of clean coal with these recent news of coal operators in Wisconsin and Texas resuming their expansion without these green groups’ opposition so long as they use carbon sequestration technologies, and that these coal operators will retire their less, efficient plants.

Greenpeace put out a report in May on why carbon capture is just a scam and that this technology will not help climate change much less make coal a source of clean energy.

Do I sense a bubbling disharmony in the green world?
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