Lost polar bears

Sometimes the way to get to your pocket is to tug your heart strings and this advertising about polar bears almost worked on mine.

According to WWF, several polar bears are way miles away from home and swimming more in open waters to find food and shelter.

“While these bears are swimming around in an ice-free coastal Arctic Ocean, the only thing the State of Alaska is doing is suing the federal government trying to overturn the listing of polar bears as endangered species. The bottom line here is that polar bears need sea ice, sea ice is decaying, and the bears are in very serious trouble. For any people who are still non-believers in global warming and the impacts it is having in the Arctic, this should answer their doubts once and for all.”

Good thing I don’t have anything on my bank account right now or I would have given my last penny just to save the poor bears.

Oh who am I kidding?!? I wouldn’t give my last penny because between me and the polar bears, the bears will probably eat me alive with no regrets. But I still feel sorry for the bears who are losing their homes slowly each year.

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