New green chems in July

I thought July would be a lull time for companies to launch new green chemicals but I seem to have my own record-breaking number of products this month. Either that or I’m just lazier the previous months in scanning new product news.

Congratulations to the top 7 chemicals that made the list! Why seven? Because that’s my favorite number!

1. Rohm and Haas’ green coatings - The company introduced almost two dozen environmentally advanced products for the architectural and industrial coatings markets at the recent American Coatings Show in Charlotte, North Carolina. They are so many so just go the link for information.

2. Dow’s low-VOC biocideDow Chemical’s CANGUARD ULTRA BIT 20 LE Preservative provides a low volatile organic content (VOC) biocide for the protection of industrial water-based products against harmful bacteria, yeasts and fungi.

3. Cummins glycerineCummins Filtration launched its Fleetguard ES Compleat glycerin, a heavy duty engine antifreeze/coolant using based on glycerin as alternative to the traditional ethylene glycol or propylene glycol antifreeze/coolant.

4. PWP ag-resin packaging - PWP Industries introduced its AgroResin packaging made from renewable agricultural biomass fiber composite. AgroResin is 100% biodegradable, compostable and made from non-genetically modified biomass.

5. Ticona’s green flame retardantsTicona Engineering Polymers added two new Riteflex thermoplastic polyester elastomer grades to its portfolio of XFR halogen-free flame retardant polyesters.

6. Recycled gypsumUSA Gypsum released a new product, granular gypsum, which consists of 100% recycled drywall for use as a soil conditioner for farm or home use. The drywall scraps used in recycling are gathered from new construction projects.

7. Symrise’s cooling agent - Symrise has introduced Frescolat ML Natural in response to the personal care market’s demand for a natural alternatives to menthol. It is said to be the first natural coolant without odor.

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