Pollution solution in China

As China’s Beijing continues to be shrouded with smog days before the Olympic games, more transportation solution is being offered to reduce air pollution from companies such as Segway and Alcoa.

Chinese and Olympic officials are going to use the zero-emissions Segway PT for stadium and event hall management, community policing, arena logistics, airport security, personnel transportation, and even for Olympic Ambassadors. Austere looking dignitaries riding the Segway? Now that I will watch!

To clear Beijing smoggy skies, Chinese authorities even closed factories and chemical plants just to prepare for the event, according to this article published today from ICIS Chemical Business.

Restrictions have also been placed on the shipment of hazardous chemicals in order to avoid any environmental incident.

Chinese biodiesel producer Gushan Environment Energy announced that it is suspending operations of its Beijing plant from August 1 to September 20 because of the strict traffic control measures enforced.

The enforcements made several chemical traders definitely unhappy with the incoming overpaid strutting athletes, ICIS Chemical Business reported.
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