Weekly News Roundup

My apologies for the delayed news roundup. I’ve been kidnapped by the people from Planet Green since Friday and they wouldn’t let me use the internet unless I drink their green fruity concoctions and get inebriated. I have no idea what happened the day after and I have a theory that the green people wiped out my memory of those two days.

I am back and in good blogging form, so here’s last week’s big green news (aside from the football news of Brett Favre leaving Green Bay for New York’s Gang Green! )

Symrise’ new green cosmetics
Symrise expands its green cosmetics offering by becoming the exclusive distributor for California company Bayliss Ranch’s Essence line of water-soluble plant extracts that are 100% organic.

Batelle’s biobased plasticizer
PolyOne has entered into an exclusive license arrangement for a series of bio-based plasticizer technology patents owned by Battelle. The plasticizers was developed with early stage funding from Ohio Soybean Council.

More eco-complexing agent
BASF is building a new plant for its biodegradable chelating agent methylglycinediacetic acid under the brand Trilon M. The chelates are used in detergents, cosmetics and cleaning agents.

Energy-saving silicon plant
Evonik and SolarWorld opened their new solar silicon plant in Rheinfelden, Germany. The plant uses an innovative process saves energy up to 90 percent compared to conventional production.

Bio fertilizer investment
Denham Capital will invest up to $60 million in VitAG Corporation, which converts municipal biosolids into a high-nitrogen fertilizer. The investment will fund the construction of multiple biosolids-to-fertilizer manufacturing plants.

And in ICIS news (which requires subscription):
International retail chain Metro Group increased its Chinese plastic shopping bags prices by 67-100% because of high raw materials and decreasing consumption driven by the plastic bag ban.

US petrochemical and refining groups criticized plans of presidential hopeful Barack Obama to impose a windfall profits tax on energy firms, saying it would make the US more dependent on foreign oil.

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