Eastman on cosmetic sustainability

The green blog is fortunate enough to get Jim McCaulley, Eastman Chemical‘s global market development manager for Cosmetics and Personal Care, to provide some cosmetic sustainability insights through, I believe, is the blog’s first podcast.

According to McCaulley, sustainability is a big trend that will continue to grow and dictate the needs of consumers in the cosmetic and personal care market. He noted that major brands that can reduce their carbon footprint is a critical indicator of success.

“I agree with industry observers who believe that a combination of private enterprise and governmental regulation will expedite the urgency of its reduction. Clearly, consistent research needs to be conducted to continue to find the most environmentally friendly ways to both produce and deliver a product to the consumer.”

Eastman just introduced this year its green biocatalytic reaction process, that he said, can run at low temperatures and produces essentially no byproducts especially since it doesn’t require the use of solvents.

One cosmetic ingredient produced from this process was launched this year. Called Eastman Cetearyl Oryzanate, the petrolatum-alternative botanical emollient is said to enable creams and lotions to increase their natural product content by readily mixing with other oil phase components.

“Before, the focus was on a “green product. Now, consumers are aware that a “green” end-product is not enough. They want to know how the products are derived, manufactured, and formulated. In short the process has to be as green as the product itself.”

You can hear more below about Eastman’s green cosmetic projects as well as other big trends within the cosmetic and personal care market.

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