Get your green MBA

I’ve been taking some classes this fall and somebody suggested for me to take a look at this new MBA (masters in business administration) program being offered at the Brandeis International Business School, located in Waltham, Massachusetts.

The business school just launched their Global Green MBA designed to address the growing issues of corporate social, ethical, and environmental responsibilities all summed up under the word sustainability.

Requirements in the new MBA in Socially Responsible Business will include specialized courses on corporations and communities, corporations and the environment, and a seminar exploring what “green” means in different contexts.

I’m sure this is a well-needed education for companies looking to improve or develop their CSR (corporate social responsibility) reporting. Under Business and Finance 101, also look out for classes such as “How to avoid corporate green washing”; “Cementing your relationship with environmentalists”; and “Understanding the complicated world of carbon trading”.

I, for one, will stick to my new English class, “Understanding the word Green”, which was offered recently in a nearby college…

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