Green chemicals in August

The chemical industry has been busy churning out new biobased and other green chemicals last month ranging from cleaners to cookwares to films and foams. I do wonder how prices of some of these chemicals compare to traditional products. Do they still have premiums over petroleum-based products despite current (still high) crude oil prices?

1. Amcor PVC-free films Amcor Flexibles introduced its chlorine-free blister barrier films made from coextrusion of polypropylene and COC (Cyclic Olefin Copolymer). The films are said to offer a cost-effective alternative to the traditional PVdC (polyvinylidene dichloride)-coated PVC blister film.

2. Vertec biosolvents -
Vertec Biosolvents said its 100% biodegradable ELSOL LQ solvent can replace toluene for cleaning lacquers used in the inks and coatings markets.

3. AkzoNobel green coatingAkzoNobel launched its non-stick, polymer-based silicon hybrid coating technology NP², which is now being used by cookware manufacturer Tramontina for its Eco-Friendly Cookware line of pots and pans being sold in Wal-Mart stores. NP² is said to be the first polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)-free coating launched by mass market retailer.

4. Dow bio-antifreezeDow Chemical’s new antifreeze for recreational vehicles, DOWFROST RVR, is now available to Wal-Mart. The patent-pending product is said to contain plant-derived , bio-renewable ingredients.

5. BASF bio-polyol - BASF introduced its Pluracol® BALANCE bio-polyols, a non-food based natural alternatives to replace petroleum-based polyols in flexible foam applications. The polyol contains 31 weight percent renewable content.

6. BioBased Technologies polyol - BioBased Technologies launched its Agrol Diamond natural polyol designed for use in rigid polyurethane applications. The polyol is derived from natural oil with 86% bio-based content.

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