Here comes China melamine..again

After a spectacular Olympic event in China, you’d kind of forget some of the tainted food and consumer goods problems that the country faced before then.

Unfortunately, there has been another recent tainted food problem going around in China and this time it affected infant formulas.

According to today’s New York Times report, the Chinese government is currently investigating all infant formulas which is now linked to one baby’s death and kidney problems in at least 50 infants. Chinese police force are reportedly suspecting dairy farmers and milk dealers of diluting the milk formula with water and adding melamine to disguise the dilution.

No infant formula from China has been approved for US imports, according to the FDA, but the agency warned consumers especially those who favor shopping in ethnic stores to be cautious.

The Chinese government agency said they are seriously doing some dairy crackdowns and will “severely punished” those responsible for the melamine crime.

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