Low battery? Charged it with vodka!

Here’s a really good invention (according to my non-scientific survey).

iPod addicts will probably developed alcoholic tendency as well now that you can charge your beloved MP3 (or any other portable consumer electronics) with vodka or other household alcohol products hidden in your cupboards…..or office drawers.

Shanghai-based Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies has developed its direct ethanol fuel cells (DEFC) technology that can generate small amounts of power for days or weeks at a time using tiny amounts of simple household alcohol and water. The company said most fuel cell related developments targeting consumer electronics have so far focused on using liquid methanol as a fuel source.

“Direct ethanol fuel cells show promise for a wide range of small devices that do not draw a lot of power but would benefit from significantly more runtime than what current batteries provide.”

The company recently launched its Bio Energy Discovery kit which demonstrates its DEFC technology. The educational kit is used to introduce the company’s fuel cell technology to students, aspiring scientists, teachers and engineers.

I just hope they don’t get drunk with excitement!

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