MTV attacks greenwashers

We always heard that green is now in the mainstream but I guess this makes it really, really official if MTV is now producing videos geared towards environmentalism and even has its own green site called MTV Switch, which is the network’s Global Climate Change Campaign.

“It’s all about seeing things in a different light–a green light. You’ll find clever ads, interesting videos, and tips from Environmentors. We’ll be looking for the best ideas and innovations that can help us reinvent how we live in ways that are cool for us and the planet.”

Here is one very interesting video from them forwarded to me by the biofuel blog guru Simon Robinson. The video attacks businesses (which seems to be more focused on the energy, manufacturing and chemical industries) as well as politicians and celebrities who just greenwash their way into either making profits or to get public approval.

The lesson here, according to the red (that turns green) angry blob with the smoking head, is to make the world healthy again starting by changing your lifestyle.

For those who like some doses of green humor, also check out these other videos from such as their 10 funniest green moments on TV and 10 funniest green viral videos.

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