Sprouting green chemical companies

Another green US company is ready to revolutionize the way chemicals are produced.

Segetis, formed in 2006 and funded by Khosla Ventures, just appointed former Cargill employee James Stoppert as its new president and CEO. I remembered interviewing Mr. Stoppert about their corn-based plastics and ethanol a few years ago at Cargill’s Nebraska facility, when he headed the company’s Industrial BioProducts business unit.

Congratulations sir, and hopefully I’ll have the pleasure of getting to know more about Segetis in the near future!

According to Segetis founders Sergey Selifonov and Olga Selifonova, Segetis is the first and only company to unlock the chemical “binary code” for developing a wide range of industrial chemicals and plastics derived from non-food agricultural and forestry sources. The company plans to develop a broad portfolio of biobased materials made entirely [or in a major part] with their proprietary renewable binary monomers.

Other neophyte green chemical companies to watch include Elevance Renewable Sciences, which also involves in their management former Cargill folks; and Draths Corporation, another baby of Khosla Ventures.

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