Weekly News Roundup

I’ve been juggling several work loads recently (and expecting more next week) so I apologize to the green blog readers if my posts seem to be sparse these past few days. The good news is most of the stories I am working on (three stories right now) is all focusing on green.

Watch out for my sustainable packaging story and the green movement in Japan. I’ll also post about ongoing green R&D developments at Rhodia’s (a specialty chemical company) research center in Bristol, Pennsylvania.

For now, here’s this week’s green news roundup:

Bioplastic’s best friends
Agribusiness giant Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) will collaborate with PolyOne to develop biobased plasticizers from corn and oilseeds. Plasticizers are used to make plastics softer and more flexible.

New eco-lubes in Norway
INEOS Bamble AS and Puralube Nordic AS will build a new eco-friendly lubricant oil production plant on the INEOS site at R√łnningen, Bamble, Norway. The plant will recycle waste oils into high viscosity, low sulphur, water white lubricant oils.Biopower joint venture
AREVA and Duke Energy has formed ADAGE, a joint venture that will develop green power energy solutions for U.S. electricity customers. Their planned biopower plants will use wood waste.

Green textiles in vogue

Genencor and Huntsman Textile Effects have signed an agreement to jointly develop sustainable textile processing solutions. The collaboration aims to reduce the use of harsh chemicals and high energy levels in textile processing.

Energy center in Germany
Evonik Industries creates a center for energy efficiency called Eco 2 Science-to-Business Center (S2B Eco 2) in Marl, Germany. The center’s initial projects focus on energy efficiency and climate protection.

Bagging organic cosmetics
Charkit Chemical signed a distribution agreement with France-based CRM International for their premium personal care and cosmetic ingredients including a line of certified organic

And in ICIS News (requires subscription):
The financial market meltdown could put US lawmakers in the mood to impose more regulations on the chemical industry.

House democrat leaders agreed to end the 27-year-old congressional ban on oil and gas drilling in US outer continental shelf regions.

The EU has banned all exports of mercury from the bloc starting March 2011.

A revised European Union directive regarding the collection and recycling of used batteries was brought into force today to reduce environmental pollution from mercury, lead, cadmium and other metals.

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