Canada bans BPA-contained baby bottles

Canada’s soon-to-enact BPA ban in baby bottles is another sign that maybe polycarbonate bottle manufacturers should look for alternatives now.

The Government of Canada announced yesterday that it will immediately draft a regulation banning the importation, sale and advertising of polycarbonate baby bottles that contained bisphenol-A (BPA). They said that they rather take actions now to protect infants and young children amidst the scientific uncertainty of how BPA affects them despite their low level content in these baby bottles.

Environment Canada scientists also found that BPA is entering the environment through wastewaters, washing residues and leachate from landfills. Canada said it will also take action to limit the amount of BPA that is being released into the environment.

Reports have linked exposure to BPA with health problems and reproductive defects, including birth defects in boys, heart disease in adults and lower sperm counts and breast cancer in animal testing.
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