Carbon project guidelines

Although the feasibility of capturing, storing and even reusing carbon dioxide to reduce greenhouse gases is now acceptable within the scientific community, skepticism still exists (like the idea of clean coal I guess) some coming from green groups themselves such as the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

Environmental think-tank World Resources Institute (WRI) launched a preliminary guidelines and recommendations for the deployment of carbon capture and sequestration (CCS) technologies in the US specifically targeting developers, regulators, financiers, insurers, project operators, and policymakers.WRI said the guidelines are intended to guide full-scale demonstration of and build public confidence in CCS technologies by informing how projects should be conducted.

“These Guidelines present recommendations and best practices for those involved in the development and implementation of CCS projects. The document also provides a comprehensive introductory reference for those new to CCS who seek to understand how to responsibly conduct projects.”

WRI said the guidelines are not intended to replace or provide detailed technical knowledge that would be required to select the location for or to design and operate a CCS project.

If you’re feeling a little lazy and don’t want to read the 148-page report, you can get the gist of it through this video of one of the report’s author being interviewed by E&E (Environmental & Energy) TV (I can’t upload it in the post unfortunately).

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