Fuel cell rumor from BASF

I just went this morning to the Liberty Science Center in New Jersey to attend the North American debut of a global exhibition called Science of Survival, and what a treat it was!

The exhibition, sponsored by BASF, Nissan and HSBC, uses an interactive “kid-friendly video game” like effects that challenges visitors, both kids and adults alike, to create their own sustainable city of 2050 using the latest technology and science available.

I will tell you more about this next week as I am currently waiting for a video clip from the exhibit organizers so I can show it to you. For now, I just wanted to tell the green blog readers that during the exhibit, there was this whispers and talks about a big BASF investment for fuel cell here in the US. I tried to ask the good folks of BASF to expand on it but unfortunately, we just have to wait for the announcement. Hopefully I can get first dib on the news.

Fuel cell, by the way, was one of the three BASF technology showcased in the exhibition. BASF’s technology specifically focuses on membrane electrode units (MEAs), which are said to be the core of a fuel cell – where the chemical reactions that produce energy from the hydrogen take place. You can check out how fuel cells work (in animation) in BASF’s website.

A BASF official also mentioned that the company and the German Aerospace Center (DLM) conducted on September 30 the first manned airplane that can start and fly only by using a fuel cell. The fuel cell is said to be based on a high temperature polymer electrolyte membrane (PEM) that uses BASF’s MEA technology.

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